Motor Vehicle Collision

On the way to work this morning I watched a cop car T bone a black SUV. I gave a statement to the police and my business card to the driver of the SUV. I’m recording my thoughts here while they’re fresh.

This morning I was walking on the sidewalk at Eastern Parkway and Frankine Avenue in Brooklyn. My location at the time of the collision is represented by the blue circle. My destination was the subway entrance represented by the green circle. I witness a sedan style police car strike the passanger side of a black SUV. The police car’s path is represented by the red arrow. The SUV’s path is represented by the black arrow. The intersection of the red arrow’s tip and black arrow is where the collision took place.

I did not observe the state of the traffic light. However, I was paying attention to the crosswalk signal represented by the yellow circle. At the time of the collision there was an amber blinking hand. After the collision I continued walking across the street, keeping an eye on the cars while mentally processing what happened and deciding if I should stick around. As I made it across Franklin Avenue to the crosswalk signal I observed that the signal was still blinking. The crosswalk signal is significant because it indicates the SUV had a green light at the time of the collision.

I did not hear the police car siren, but I couldn’t say with certainty that it was not on. I’m fairly confident that the siren was off and a few blips were sounded just before entering the intersection. I can say with certainty that the police car did not slow down enough to ensure the intersection was clear. Also, the SUV was traveling at a normal speed when entering the intersection.


3 thoughts on “Motor Vehicle Collision

  1. $5 says that the officer driving the car had been up for at least 18 hrs. Probably did a double-shift, coming to a close this morning. Records will show who was on-duty and how long they have been on for, in which case the SUV driver will likely have some cause to place the blame on the officer. Not sure whether New York is a “no fault” state, as NJ is. Just another reason it sucks to drive in New York.

    Also, if the siren was on you would have heard it. You were only a few yards away, and even with headphones, you can hear the police coming.

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