Cardboard Surfboard

Wow! Thingiverse citizen Mike Sheldrake has posted a totally awesome cardboard surfboard.

I’ve been making and riding cardboard-core surfboards for about three years now. They work. Leaks are not the huge problem you would expect. And they happen to look – what’s that old term the surfers used to use – awesome!

The design files come lain out in 12×24 inch sheets meaning it can be cut on the NYC Resistor laser cutter.

UPDATE: The surfboard was covered by Becky Stern back in June of 2009.


McMaster-Carr has 3D Models

Every product you see was designed. Most of these were designed using three-dimensional CAD tools. This means that most of the things we use already have 3D models somewhere out there. Thingiverse is a great place to share the objects you have created and download the objects shared by others. But what about all the things not on Thingiverse? McMaster-Carr is full of 3D models for various parts. Do you know of any others?