World Maker Fair in NYC Sep. 25, 26

World Maker Faire is coming to the New York Hall of Science this weekend. Come visit MakerBot Industries in Zone D near the 3D printing village. We’ll have the botfarm running. This is an event not to be missed.

Tickets may be purchased at the event for $25 or less depending on the discount for which you are eligible. Parking is $10.

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MakerBot Automated Build Platform Launched!


We’ve launched the MakerBot Automated Build Platform! I’m endlessly happy about this. I’ve hacked on this for the past year. I began full time work about two months ago when I started working at MakerBot Industries.

The Automated Build Platform is a totally new way of printing your 3D objects. For the first time ever multiple objects can be printed in succession without the need for human intervention. Up until now, the 3D printing industry has been focused on making one part at a time. You had to manually remove your object from the build surface and prepare your machine for the next build. This is true for all other 3D printers on the planet. MakerBot is the first to bring to you a truly automated 3D printing experience. That era is over and the new dawn of personal manufacturing has truly begun.

Read my previous posts to see how the project developed into its current incarnation:

It’s an awesome addition to the CupCake, and it has all the printing advantages of the MakerBot Heated Build Platform built in. Optimized to work with the beautiful and reliable MK5 MakerBot Extruder, you can look forward to watching your desktop factory auto-eject your dreams into a parts bucket of unending awesomeness!

You can listen to a discussion of the ABP in an interview with Liz Blessing .

MakerBot Build Party at NYC Resistor

Later today, from 6 to 10 pm I’ll be running a MakerBot build party at NYC Resistor. I would really appreciate anyone coming in and lending a hand to get a few bots up and running. I’m trying to build a bot farm at MakerBot. It’s like a computer graphics render farm, but for real objects.

Calling all NYC MakerBot operators! We’re building a bot farm and we need your help! Today (Thursday, September 2nd) at NYC Resistor (map) we are throwing a build party. The goal: assemble three MakerBots in four hours. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

A bot farm is a group of MakerBots available to a group of people ready to print whatever is wished. We would love to print more of the great things popping up on Thingiverse, but here at the bot cave our machines are mostly used for developing future hardware and software. To increase the awesome we need to increase the number of bot hours available for printing. We need more bots and we need your help building them.

Everyone is encouraged to attend. There will be three or more kits for assembly. Just let us know you came for the build party and we’ll get you started on a task. If you’re thinking about buying a Cupcake CNC, this is a great opportunity to experience the build process. Feel free to bring your own MakerBot and work along with us. Several MakerBot employees will be in attendance, building bots and ready to help. We’re looking  forward to seeing you there.