MakerBot Teacher Giveaway!

MakerBot Industries is giving away ten 3D printers to teachers across the world. The giveaway is open to any teacher at any grade level. So if you teach anything from finger painting to quantum physics you’re eligible. Bre Pettis and I are both former teachers and will be selecting the recipients. I’m really looking forward to all the great educational material that will be produced to support MakerBots in schools across the world.

Before August 23rd send an email to with the following info. We may publish the ideas/lesson plans on the blog or wiki after the contest ends.

* Your name
* Your school’s name
* The address you’d like the MakerBot sent to if you are chosen
* A paragraph describing how you would integrate the MakerBot into your curriculum. Include some description of the learning environment and what you teach
* A lesson plan that you will implement if you get a MakerBot

Teachers who get a MakerBot will be expected to join the MakerBot Educators Google Group and document their experience with the MakerBot so that the other teachers can be inspired!

If you know a teacher who is interested, please pass this information along.


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