Start Up: A Comedy Sitcom Pilot About One Unfortunate Entrepreneur

A good friend of mine, Noah Rothman, is creating a comedy sitcom called Start Up. I encourage everyone to check out his kickstarter page for more information or help fund the project.

Jason Sharp has always had a less than stable career. Floating from job to job, business to business since college, all he ever wanted was stability, a reliable pay check and at least one bar night a week. Well… He’ll always have the bar night.

“Start Up” is not a traditional office comedy, unless you’ve been blackmailed into a money laundering scheme too. Jason’s new love interest, Tara Basani, is only interested in his start up company. Now, in order to keep her in his life, he must keep the proceeds from his boss’s criminal venture flowing in any direction that he can. “Start Up” is the story of Jason Sharp’s relationship between the woman he hired only to be close to, his slovenly author roommate, his effervescent, vaguely criminal boss and a reformed alcoholic office manager with profound daddy issues.