Filament back pack

Tired of moving around two objects tethered together by filament, I drilled a hole in a piece of plywood, glued in a length of dowel rod, and zip tied the thing to the back of my MakerBot. On this I placed my cardboard spool. Now I have a less cluttered space and my bot can easily be put away.

I used the filament back pack with the Paxtruder to print a bottle opener. It was held on by zip ties, so you can see a lot of wobbling along the Y-axis.

EDIT 2010-03-19-0732:Take a look at a nice version by Kevin Curry. He made dividers that fit over the barrel to organize his MakerBot ABS Rainbow Pack. He’s also been using the cardboard’s corrugations to secure the end of this filament spool. Below are Kevin’s pictures from the filament page on Thingiverse.


One thought on “Filament back pack

  1. I’m a novice. Just assembled a Mendel from TechZone’s Lasercut parts and am learning Skeinforge use. Moving on to heated bed as my ABS attempts are curling up from 3M #2090 tape.

    I move my setup around frequently from use to storage and have been using an old rope trick for me filament feed that may be of use. “flaking” the ABS out of a clean bucket like the New Bedford whalers did. The spool is horizontal and the filament is pulled from the center. The PLA fits into the same (metal 5 gal paint can) on a coat hanger wire rack above.

    Seems to be working, so far. The induced twist may bite me; however the MakerBot extruder currently in use doesn’t seem to mind. Longer prints will tell.

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