MakerBot Thoughts 3

Continuing from my previous two posts (first, second), here are some things I’ve been thinking about.

Build Surface
. Use single faced corrugated paper or plastic. This could work as the conveyor belt material. It has a tred already built in. It could be a conveyor belt or a consumable item that comes off a roll. The roll would work if the build platform only moved in the Z axis.
. Since Kapton seems to make a nice build surface, maybe it can be used as conveyor belt material.

. The FTDI chip contains an area for USB vendor ID (VID) and product ID (PID). For a one time fee of $2000 MakerBot can get a VID and burn it to all the MakerBot motherboards it ships. This might be cool for some reason. FTDI makes a nice application to do this that’s super easy to use, but requires Windows. There is even some EEPROM code under a BSD license.
. Each FTDI chip contains a unique serial number that is accessible over USB. This can be used to identify individual machines from within ReplicatorG.


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