Paxtruder-0.4 on the way!

I’ve been working on the Paxtruder over the weekend and made some good progress toward Paxtruder-0.4. There’s a few more things to work out, but should be available at the end of this month.

This version is less prone to cracking. Instead of a washer and nut, there is an M6 tapped hole in a piece of aluminum. But best of all, two can be bolted together to form a dual head extruder. Yes, you can have one or two of the same extruder!


7 thoughts on “Paxtruder-0.4 on the way!

  1. Is there a reason makerbot didn’t go the powder, epoxy, inkjet route? I’d think it would be possible to cook up a machine like the one soldd by Thinglab (

    powerd and liquid binder through an inkjet seems like a simpler technique with a higher resolution than the whole extruder business…

    Not knocking your effort, just wondering if all this intellectual activity wouldn’t be better spent in making an opensource version of what thinglab people produce for about 300k (I hear).

  2. Hey!

    Charles I was wondering when you were gonna be able to release the updated SVG’s 🙂 A few of us are really anxious to start testing with correct files.


  3. Are you ever going to sell this as a kit? I’m sure tons of people without laser cutters would buy it from you. I would definitely buy it.

  4. Charles.. I cannot find your email.. Can you drop me an email? I was hoping to find out more about your Laser Cut Makerbot. Specifically what sizes of acrylic did you use / sources for it… Etc..


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