As part of my Awesome August hacking I designed a slightly new extruder, the Paxtruder! This extruder is a derivative of Zach’s plastruder and I’m really excited to share it. The main difference is that exchanged the idler wheel with a Delrin plunger. This reduces the overall size of the extruder uses two fewer layers. See it in action.

Using a plunger allows the force exerted on the filament perpendicular to its direction of travel to be adjusted while the extuder is running. I mounted the electronics along the side, so I can view the teeth on the filament on the way to the thermal barrier and adjust the force to get the tooth depth I like.

With this design, changing the filament takes approximately ten seconds from when the barrel becomes hot enough. The motor can be removed with out disassembling the housing.

There is, however, a flaw in this particular design. The captive nut holding the plunger screw will crack the acrylic if you tighten things too much. In the next version I will have this fixed. This design is also based on a larger diameter timing pulley, so the filament guide is a little off.


5 thoughts on “Paxtruder-0.1

  1. Awesome! A minor branding suggestion: Wouldn’t Paxtruder (no ‘s’) be closer to the word extruder and easier to spell and remember?


    1. You’re right. I was debating this with myself at three in the morning after it worked and I seem to have picked the wrong name. This extruder is now the Paxtruder!

  2. Dude. Frakkin’ awesome. Might solve some of the exact problems we’ve been having with our batch at TechShop Durham.

    1. I’m designing an Paxtruder upgrade kit for the Plastruder MK4. I should be done within a month. Possibly sooner since I have a few days off from work next week.

      Check my blog in about three hours for a Paxtruder-0.2 post. Please post if you have any comments or questions.

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