All Settled In

We’re all settled in now and ready for tomorrow. The FIRST robot is uncrated and Cupcake CNC is sleep in its box.

We’re located at the Georgia World Congress Center (building C, see attached map). Our booth is near the practice area along the wall next to the pink team. We are team 714 Technology from Newark. New Jersey.

I contacted some folks from Freeside Atlanta, a group of fifty or so hackers currently searching for the right hacker space. We’re making arrangements for them to have a look at the Cupcake CNC. They and everyone else are welcome to visit the team 714 booth, but we may get together after hours for a botting session.

In other news, Makerbot Industries has just shipped 1000 lbs of desktop manufacturing revolution. Congratulations, guys.

Great view from the hotel. Time for bed.

From where this picture is taken the PaPa Johns is behind me and the practice area is to my left.

Here’s the map.

Mr. Sylvester opening the crate.

Midnight over Atlanta
Midnight over Atlanta

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